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How to Choose the Right Body Scrub

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Your skin requires additional care during summer. This is where skin exfoliation can help. It helps get rid of dead skin cells. It also helps promote the creation of new cells and makes your skin feel softer and smoother.  

Nowadays, there are several types of body scrubs available on the market. So, how can you pick the right scrub for you? Should you go with sugar-based scrubs? Are salt-based scrubs better? Perhaps you want to try something less traditional, such as bamboo or rice. 

Today, we’re going to share with you a couple of things to consider when choosing the right body scrub. 

Sugar Body Scrub for Sensitive Skin 

Do you have sensitive skin? If so, you need to try a sugar-based body scrub. This form of scrub is gentler on the skin since it is less coarse compared to salt. Because of this, it is a lot softer when you apply it to your skin. Many years ago, the ancient Romans sometimes wash with a combination of milk, honey, and sugar.  

You’re renewing your skin in a natural way if you use a sugar scrub. This is particularly true if you combined it with the oils and potent sweet orange peel. Oils can help you scrub your skin without irritating it.  

Salt Body Scrub for Dry Skin 

Salt was an indispensable part of any beauty routines many years ago in ancient Egypt. A lot of Egyptian women utilized salt in combination with almond or olive oil to rejuvenate their skin. These oils are rich in vitamin E.  

The salt has a disinfecting and restorative effect. It promotes the renewal of skin cells. Salt can also help you achieve an even skin tone. You can also use it as a softening and detoxifying agent and enables oils and creams to penetrate properly when applied.  

Salt can also help smoothen out the bumps on your legs and arms that appear when you have clogged pores. Another advantage of salt is that it helps in preserving moisture in your skin. It keeps your skin hydrated and helps prevent dryness.  

Try Both for Normal Skin 

If you’ve got normal skin, you’re extremely lucky. You can’t go wrong with any of the new formulas you can find on the market. Every formula you can see is soft on your skin and can help you achieve an even tone. All you need to do is to choose your favorite.  

Seeds, Nuts, Fibers, Grains, Herbal, Bamboo, and Rice for Damaged Skin 

A couple of scrubs contain less traditional ingredients such as herbs, bamboo, rice, and other natural ingredients. These types of body scrubs are typically filled with moisturizing agents and antioxidants.  

Because of this, they are ideal for people who have damaged or excessively dry skin. You should also try using scrubs that are infused with essential minerals and a nourishing oil layer that help care for all kinds of skin.  

Also, don’t forget to look at the ingredients before you buy a body scrub to avoid any products that might irritate your skin. 

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